She’s The Change

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She’s The Change

March 24th, 2018 The Jenn Hayward show is proud to bring women speakers to the Bronson centre for a day of motivation, inspiration and change making best practices!  The event will speak to anyone needing to make a change in their lives and in the lives of others!

She’s The Change features keynote speaker Bif Naked, three feature speakers Lara Rae, Bernadette Muyomi and Khusbu Agrawal.  The event will also feature many local change makers here in Ottawa!

Tickets on sale here!  


FAQ about the event!

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Bif Naked 

Bif Naked was born in New Delhi, India, and adopted by American methodist Missionaries who didn’t know any better. They returned to the United States, after decades in India, to raise their family and work. Professors and academics, The Torberts emphasized the Performing Arts in the lives of their three daughters. Bif was a boisterous and spirited middle kid, and began her studies of ballet and spoken poetry at the age of three, and performed in Fine Arts Festivals to her parents’ delight.

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Bernadette Muyomi is an award winning Kenyan social entrepreneur with 13 years of work experience in community development in Kenya and abroad. She is also actively involved in politics and enhancing women’s leadership in different areas; something that has seen her serve as the youngest female county minister in the County Government of Busia for the last four years. She is non apologetically a feminist and a transformative leader whose passion revolves around amplifying women’s leadership and enhancing their socio-economic potential at the grassroots.

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Lara Rae is an award winning TV and radio writer, performer and host. She has written and hosted several national CBC radio programs. She was the creator of the CBC radio series Monsoon House with Russell Peters a 20 part half hour comedy drama and one of the developers of the international hit series Little Mosque in the Prairie for which she shared a Gemini as well as an individual nomination and an Italian Prix Roma writing prize. Other TV series include the Global series Blackfly and Big Sound and the radio series Afghanada. For theater she had written several shows. The show Unscheduled Stop with George Westerholm was nominated for the prestigious Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe. In 2016 she was the first transgender person to host a national CBC news program when she guest hosted The Current. She is the cofounder of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and a 30 year veteran of stand up comedy.

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Khushbu Agrawal originates from Nepal and currently resides in Chile. She has worked with organizations such as the South Asia Partnership International, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Save the Children, and International Organization for Migration. She conducts research, policy analysis, and program development and evaluation, particularly in the areas of constitution building, health, gender and development, and equitable political participation. She has also led conduct capacity building activities on gender and gender-based violence for national and local organizations and government officials. Khushbu is passionate about women´s leadership and ensuring that young girls have the tools, capacities and opportunities to be able to get their rightful access and opportunity to excel in whatever field they chose.

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Shelina Merani      Darpan Ahluwalia     Dawn Xanklin    Judith Cane     Angela Tristam     Lucia Harper     Elaine Lindsay     Melissa Lynn Bolster   Marie-Claire Thauvett Kayla Spagnoli Erica Ifill  Gail Gallagher Angela Sutfliffe Christina Ranieri  Pierette Raymond and more to come!

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Dawn Xanklin is a Communications Specialist and an amateur stand-up comic, based in Ottawa. She is also a first-generation immigrant and a Mother. Family – and the sacrifices that her family has made – have been very important to her. When her parents were directly affected by Hurricane Maria’s devastation, Dawn was reminded of exactly how important family was and what she has learned from the legacy of complex Caribbean women in her family.

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Shelina Merani is an Ottawa Muslim woman who does standup comedy. She went to New York at end of January to audition for America’s got Talent and did really well. She believes the political climate in the U.S. might actually be helping her comedic career, as she has gentle, disarming humour that allows middle-America to not be afraid of Islam.   In her set, she often responds to that universal question – you know… Are you hot under there?  Outside of the comedy cellar, Shelina is an activist and union comms professional. Trained at the Ottawa Acting Company

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Lucia Harper is a 30 veteran of the communications industry. Her firm, YEPBusiness, is focused on education, digital literacy and corporate culture development. She volunteered as a program coordinator for 14 months in the Hurricane Katrina shelters in San Antonio Texas.  When she returned to Canada, Lucia had pretty severe PTSD.  With a sense of humour, a notepad and hardcore desperation, she built a personal planning system for manageable recovery and some very welcome Post Traumatic Growth.

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Melissa Lynn-Bolster grew up in small-town BC, and dreamed of being a bureaucrat (sad, but true). She always had confidence in her intelligence, and knew that it was the tool to get here where she wanted to be. Moving to Ottawa in 2008 to fulfill her bureaucratic dreams, Melissa stumbled upon a burlesque class. Sassy Muffin, a bodacious and confident performer was born. As a performer, MC and teacher, Sassy promotes body positivity – loudly loving yourself at every moment – and how self-love translates into personal success.

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Darpan Ahluwalia, aka The Total Nutrition Diva,  is a certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Live Blood Analyst.  She is the owner of Manotick Natural Market, having rebuilt her entire business after a fire. She is a philantropist and mother to three amazing children. Nothing keeps this diva down and she will talk about rising from the ashes!

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Elaine Lindsay plays the ‘Glad’ game, strives to learn something new, and improve 1% every day.  Elaine Says “After a major automobile accident at age 20, and a life changing botched surgery at 27 business goals became reading material. Hospital beds and nurses became more familiar than family. Soaking up knowledge, and learning to use a computer were the only avenues available to feed my brain. I’m uniquely positioned to speak to the concept ‘let’s do it one more time’. 

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Judith Cane is Canada’s Money Coach and has worked in the financial services industry for 27 years.  As a result, she has worked with hundreds of clients to create a clear picture of their financial situation. She helps  build a realistic spend and save plan. Next, she helps implement a “Get Out of Debt and Stay There” strategy and clients can achieve their financial goals.    She encourages participants at her many workshops to face their financial reality head-on and take control of their cash flow.

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Angela Tristam gives wanderlust a new meaning. Whether it’s climbing trees in Brazil, or swimming with sharks, Angela seeks out opportunities that challenge her in life and business.

An serial entrepreneur Angela takes on project straight on, balancing work, life a thirst to continually experience what life has to offer.

Her talk “What I learned from Sharks” will leave the audience wanting to explore their own adventure and seek new opportunities!

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Erica Ifill is an economist and social media strategist for her company, Not In My Colour,  a digital public relations agency that builds brand awareness and exposure across a range of online and offline services for businesses and organizations. From offline networking to social media engagement, we deliver outcomes that extend beyond the limitations of a traditional PR firm. She also hosts a podcast called Bad + Bitchy where she and her co-hosts provide hot takes on the latest in politics, social issues and pop culture from the perspective of intersectionality.

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Angela Sutcliffe is a very savvy businesswoman with 30  years of experience in business behind her.  After a short but successful stint as a real estate agent (tough going with 23% mortgages) she decided there was more money in starting her own business.  Like most entrepreneurs she founded her first business on nothing but enthusiasm and a prayer – and $50 funding capital .   which she eventually parlayed into a business with 30 employees – a company that grossed almost a half million dollars in gross sales per year back in the 90’s, all from her housecleaning company, Mrs. Mop.

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Kayla Spagnoli is a ex funeral director who obviously didn’t find that depressing enough so she is currently working in anti-human trafficking. She is also co-founder of the local grassroots organization “Feminist Twins”, which is in it’s 4th year. She was a co-organizer of SlutWalk Ottawa and spoke at the 2017 Women’s March. She has been mentioned in Glue Magazine, Daily Xtra, The Algongquin Times, the Charlatan (Carleton University), Centertown News, Metro Ottawa, Wingd, numerous anti-choice and MRA blogs.

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Gail Gallagher is a First Nations Cree woman from Frog Lake First Nation, Alberta, who returned to Ottawa, Ontario in August 2011, after a decade of living in the Nation’s capital in previous years. Gail recently graduated with her degree from the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta. Gail is in her 2nd year of her Master of Arts, Native Studies working on a thesis on Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls.  Currently, Gail is employed as a Policy Analyst with the Assembly of First Nations, Housing and Infrastructure.

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Christina Ranieri has a long history of involvement within the persons with disabilities community. She is a graduate of Algonquin College in the General Arts and Science program, as well as the Crisis Management/Human psychology program. She has also obtained accreditation as a Social Service worker and Developmental Service Worker. She then continued her education at Carleton University, completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

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Pierrette Raymond is an expert who works with families and individuals who are moving through times of transition.   With a background in Psychology and Education, a Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certifications in death, dying, bereavement, funeral services, grief recovery and relocation & transition services, Pierrette understands the deep psychological and emotional toll we experience when we are in overwhelm, in crisis and in transition.

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Miriam Goldman is the lead developer at Pondstone Communications, a digital marketing agency located in Ottawa. She has been working as a web developer for over twelve years, with a primary focus on front-end development. Specializing in WordPress, Miriam is one of the co-organizers of WordCamp Ottawa – a local annual WordPress conference. She also regularly speaks at WordCamps across North America, and mentors whenever possible with the local Ottawa Canada Learning Code chapter.

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