Jenn Entertains

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Stand Up Comedy

Jenn can entertain at your next event!  Whether corporate clean or bachelorette dirty, Jenn has comedy that will fit your audience members!  Jenn can also set up a full show with some of Ottawa’s best comedians!  Contact Jenn today to find out how you can add extra fun to your next event!

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MC & Speaker

Hiring Jenn as a keynote speaker or as your Masters of Ceremony is a safe bet for a fun evening for everyone!  She uses her humour, her education and her life experience to provide excellent keynotes on a variety of subjects.  As an MC she will entertain and keep the evening moving on track!

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Need help with your next speech or presentation? Bring Jenn in to help ghost write!  Any subject is fine, she can inject humour and write a polished and amazing speech/presentation that will have your audience wanting more! She can write from scratch or edit a draft!  Contact her today!

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Creative Marketing

Jenn loves to work with businesses to have a Facebook Live segment or to promote your business on her Youtube Chanel!  Your own custom written commercial at a fraction of large agency costs is awaiting you, all you have to do is call!