FAQ: She’s The Change

Below are some fun FAQ about the amazing event She’s The Change!

Q:  Can men attend?

A:  100% yes.  This event is for anyone wishing to make a difference in the lives of women and girls. It is about best practices and encouraging women who are change makers in their own area. Yes, men should come too, there is so much wisdom to be gained and also we are all in this together!

Q. Eek $85 is quite steep, how can everyone afford this?

A: I did consider this when setting the price; however, as a feminist I truly believe in paying everyone involved, so that means each speaker is being paid for their time, the hall is rented, and airfare and hotels are paid. That said, having been in a position myself in the past where I could not afford any tickets to anything, I am donating 50 tickets to women who cannot afford it and have added a “pay it forward” button for women with means.  If you want to attend this event, you can regardless of economic status. Email jenn@thejennhaywardshow.com to learn more.

Q. How were the speakers chosen?

A: I, Jenn Hayward, personally chose each speaker. I wanted to represent diversity, be inclusive and also obtain speakers I KNOW are amazing. Each has a different story, but it’s not about them; it’s about ALL of us learning to view life from another person’s perspective. It is about listening, learning and growing and most of all about DOING!  I did not just choose my friends, I in fact don’t like all the speakers! Kidding, but I made sure diversity is represented and that each topic should appeal to various people!

Q. What is Change Village?

A: Vendor booths are common at events now; but I wanted a place primarily for charities and non-profits to showcase their work. If we are inspired by the events of the day then we can move on over to change village and learn what is going on around us to help out right away!  If you are a charity that we have missed in our outreach, please contact jenn@thejennhaywardshow.com.  There is no cost for the charity to have a table at this event.

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Yes, a vegan soup and bannock will be available, one bowl for each attendee, but as it is a long day, do bring a snack for yourself as well!

Q: When should I get my ticket?

A NOW! 🙂  Any event organizer wishes to see early sales soar so they can be comfortable closer to the date, but purchase your tickets anytime. I can state that if you purchase them before February 24th you are entered in a draw to win one of ten pairs of tickets to the after party to hang out with Bif Naked (and all the speakers).  You can purchase your tickets here.

Contact Jenn for any further information, and let’s all work together to be the change!