And..I AM Back!

I am back. Where did I go? No where really, I had slight surgery due to my status as a middle age woman (girly stuff let me tell you) and took some time to work on rebranding. When I started The Jenn Hayward Show, I really had no vision; I just wanted to make a few videos and perform and speak. As Comedy Camps became more popular, I then started really looking at what I want to do and put out into the world. This leads me to saying I am back.

I love performing comedy, it really fuels my life. When on stage I light up, entertain, feel great inside and am helping a group of people have a fun night. Though I love performing comedy, it has its limitations. I do not wish to be a touring headliner, it doesn’t jive with raising three teenagers. I can travel some of the time, but not enough to make a career out of just performing stand up comedy.

The comedy camps are going well, and I will continue to hold them. They are not “Jenn teaches stand up comedy”, rather, “Jenn facilitates you to find your own funny”. I love to work with small groups to watch them find their own humour. They then take it to the stage, or in the boardroom, or wherever it feels best for them. I will continue to host these and other workshops, this is in the business vision and plan.

The other part of “my brand” is that I am a feminist who had quite a bit of mental health challenges in my life. By “quite a bit” I mean hospitalized three times and route a book about it. In the past two years I have lost 210 pounds, overcame financial difficulties, and really changed my life for the better. I am happy, healthy, and productive.  I also have 20 plus years of serving the Indigenous and Women’s community in the government and non-profit sector.  This part of my brand is the storyteller, the keynote speaker, and the public change agent. (note we are all public change agents).  This is the second part I am focusing The Jenn Hayward Show: highlighting through talks, events and more how we can all change for the better.  In our own lives and in the lives of others, we can all be agents for change. I am starting small…just kidding this is me, I am starting HUGE with a large event March 24th, 2018 called She’s the Change. We have many local speakers as well as international speakers who are all public change agents for the lives of women. Oh, and in my “go big or go home” philosophy, we have Bif Naked as our keynote speaker.  Yes, it will be an amazing day!

I am back. Though I never really left, my six weeks of post-surgery (and three months being sick prior to this) gave me a great opportunity to reflect. I want The Jenn Hayward Show, aka my business and myself, to flow together with my values, ethics and make an impact where I can.   I hope you can partake in a workshop or two, come to She’s the Change and continue supporting my live comedy, speaking, and you can now catch me as a contributor on CBC radio.

Life is looking good here, expect a lot more writing, more videos, and more opportunities to connect, and let’s all be the agents of change we are meant to.

Also floss