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I have written about money before. I still have very little money. Building a business, let alone an entertainment empire (*empire is a relative term) takes time.

I have been thinking of money lately. I make money, then I move that money to pay a variety of bills and eat pudding. That is the sum of my life and from what I read on Facebook, many other people’s lives too. Living paycheck to paycheck. Whether a government employee making $100K or a freelancer living contract to contract, I don’t know many people who have money under control.

When I think of money, I think of spending. I do not think of having. I dream of a vacation in the Caribbean that has never come. I dream of owning underwear without holes in it. My dreams vary.

I never thought about money. Obviously not. You don’t get to this level of debt to our federal government if you understand how money works. Coming from poverty, I also was always just so excited to have any money. Mo money means Mo respect. Also Mo means more, for those who didn’t watch 1990s movies starring b list rap artists.

Now I think about money. I am not ashamed to say I want to make money. I am worth the money I charge. I had someone try to bully me in business the other day. I said “don’t mistake my niceness for a pushover”.  I am here to win. Not agaisnt anyone else, but to win life. To beat the universe and the fun challenges they have given us Haywards. To not only get ahead of mental health issues, but to capitalize on it, such as through my book! (did you buy the book yet?)

I follow a woman on Facebook named Angela Sutcliffe – Business Consultant. At first I thought “oh she’s a neat woman” but after hearing her speak, taking one of her webinar’s and following her on Facebook I my thoughts have moved to “holy crap she’s a smart old broad”.  Ironically that’s her trademark!  She posted this meme the other day.  I totally ripped it from her site and posted it here.

I have used some worksheets of hers to figure out what I need to make as a freelancer to keep my business AND me moving ahead. What she has truly taught me is to value myself. I used to feel bad for wanting money. For wanting that vacation and for wanting undies without holes in them.  I am still a socialist and left leaning “hippie” but man, I kind of want some money and I want to do good things. How can I do good things in the world without some money to spend on it? How can I give to my charities if I have no money?  Also, if I have no house? Pretty sure I can still do good with no new undies, but man, the dream!  The DREAM!

One new item I have learned from her is to focus the time on what makes money. I have not had time to do large focus group testing before starting my freelancing. I lost my job and ran with all my ideas. ALL my ideas. I am still learning what does and does not make money right now. For example, I run great team building workshops and keynote addresses. I thought if I built workshops I could get people to come. I underestimated how busy people are. Not everyone has time to go to a three-hour workshop on life changes. I focused my time on a book I just wasn’t ready to write. Now I have learned my key strengths and focus on these. I will always do my other projects, I will allow people to hire me for many things, but right now, this is where my focus is:

  1. Comedy Confidence Camps:  I run a monthly camp for women and in the summer a weekly camp for kids and youth. Taking my adoration and skill of comedy and mixing it with empowerment mixed with facilitation skills, I have managed to create workshops that really help. They help improve confidence, self-esteem, sales and copy writing abilities, presentation skills and for those with deep seeded attention issues, introduces them to the world of standup comedy. The traction on these is amazing. Each person who has taken this course has had amazing things to say. One even said “life changing”.  Information on my “workshops” section.  
  1. Speaking: I make an excellent keynote and break out speaker. These gigs pay more than comedy (though I love comedy) and my voice is solid. I have a great message based on my own life including my weight loss of 145lbs. I am still working on more gigs, so if you are needing a valuable speaker, give me a ringle dingle. If you do, I promise I won’t say ringle dingle again!
  1. Merchandise & Writing: Okay this hasn’t brought in tons of money yet, but I think everyone needs a potato with text on it! EVERYONE! This may be just an add on service to my delivery business, but I will continue to think of silly merchandise to add to my site. It may not actually be a money maker, but it is not a time sucker either.
  1. Producing: I started The Jenn Hayward Show as a YouTube Show. Deciding it was too expensive, I dropped videos and went on with life. I am now VERY excited to take my many years and lessons learned producing shows into The Jenn Hayward Show Live.  My own Talk Show! See, I love comedy and will always encourage people to come watch me, but when I am at a club I make X amount of dollars. It is there show, they produce and I get a set fee. I do my set, am thankful to be there but in the end don’t make any more money. By starting my talk show, I get full creative freedom. From choosing sponsors, guests, sketches etc. and by focusing my attention here on Ottawa I am allowing my creativity to flourish AND make money.  My debut is April 25th and I do hope you all come and see why I do what I do!

So, to recap, I am here to make money; I am just needing to learn how to do that. One of the first things I will do when I have a bit of money is invest it into hiring Angela Sutcliffe as a business consultant. Investing in her is investing in me making more money. It is now added to my dreams, right after new undies!

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Also floss!

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