Jenn Says Stuff: International Women’s Day Playlist

Today we celebrate the gains women have made in this world and look at where we need to go.  I’d love to write a long piece about inclusion and progress, but it’s IWD which means I am busy as Priest on Christmas!  Instead, just enjoy a playlist of some empowering songs!  Keep fighting, celebrating and loving!

We call this the pre-beyonce years.  These women tell it like it is!

Pink.  Always Pink.

A good reminder that we are all called to make a change.

Not empowering per se, but a somber reality for many women.  Zero tolerance for violence.

Every day I want to be brave!



Going back a few years with a bit more anger, Bikini Kill led a revolution!


Going a bit more peaceful!



Call me an old sap, but this is just…it.


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