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Every Wednesday is 2017 I will be reviewing stuff.  People give me stuff to try with the notion that I will be 100% honest in my review, often with a comedic take.  As soon as I announced this the first person who jumped at the chance to have me review a product was Wicked Wanda’s.  I had previously reviewed The Hiatchi Wand.

I was a bit worried about trying a new toy.  I should stop here and say if you are my father, brother or son, you can stop reading here.  While I am an empowered woman who shares her life openly, I also should draw lines for you to stop reading, so um, stop reading.  Super.  Carrying on, I was worried because as you can see from my review above, I am in love with my wand.  I mean if it could cuddle me and lift heavy boxes for me I might marry it!  Given my love for my vibrating BFF I will review any sex toys on a 1-5 basis, with 1 being BORING to five being, yes, THE WAND!  I should add that my husband is an amazing, talented, generous lover, and he only gets a 4.5 on my scale, nothing beats the wand!

On to the actual product, the Satisfyer Pro 2.  It actually sounds like an erotic porn franchise, but it is a small tool aimed at ample pleasure. When I first opened the box, I wanted to start crafting!  The toy is very non-discreet in that it looks like a very fancy glue gun!  It looks quite harmless, so I was a little bit skeptical, I like POWER baby! It has 11 different programs and a handy YouTube video to watch. This toy has more settings than my smart phone! It is very targeted, meaning it is designed solely for clitoral stimulation. When I started to use it I had to remind myself where the clitoris is; I started to have empathy for men!  When you have to target it specifically, it wasn’t as easy to find as when I use my large wand over everything.  It was fun, but took a very long time for me to orgasm.  I really am a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of masturbater. The time it took was worth it!  It was a toe curling one heck of a good time!

I do really like how discreet and elegant looking it is. It is the kind of item your children might accidentally find and not need therapy.  It is waterproof which is fantastic (I assure you the wand is not!) for long baths.  It comes with it’s own charging cord, it truly is a large impact in a small package.

So if I had to rate it on my scale, I would give it a 4/5.  It is very good, it gives great orgasms, is discreet and elegant. I can’t give it the full wand, well, it isn’t the wand, but it is a high quality toy that you don’t have to plug into the wall.  My bedroom has a plug in on my husband’s side of the bed.  If I get aroused and he is not into it, I use my wand; but he is not a fan of the cord draped over his face while he is trying to sleep so the Satisfyer Pro 2 makes a great alternative!  It is way more compact and stores nicely.  I highly recommend this in order to get a small break from the wand.  Give yourself time to sit back and really enjoy yourself.  This is a pampering type item, so take your time, enjoy and also floss!

The Satisfyer Pro 2 can be purchased at Wicked Wandas.  Enjoy!

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  1. I enjoyed the different sensation of this toy with my first orgasm. Then something felt different as it was easier and easier to keep going. It does take longer to get started than the wand for sure, but the multiple possibilities are measured by how much time you have on your hands.

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