Jenn Trades Stuff: The Quarter

Tuesday is my new favourite day of the week, because I’ll be updating on Jenn Trades Stuff!

Let’s back up a moment as people who know me are likely asking “when did Jenn Hayward get enough money to play the stock market??” Fear not friends for I am still but a humble (poor) comedian and author, but I have also discovered an amazing hidden currency that goes back to biblical times! If you research traditional marriage you will see it was an arrangement to bestow one’s daughter to a man in exchange for a cow or other materials.  While our traditions have evolved, the idea of exchanging goods and services instead of money is intriguing!

I joined an online community and I used barter and trade to get my children’s holiday presents. It worked like this:

  1. We’d list the stuff in our home we no longer wanted and sought a trade.
  2. No one had stuff we wanted but everyone wanted to give alcohol for our stuff.
  3. I would then post the alcohol and trade it for items for the kids.

Voila, everyone won!

I just finished a trade that I am so pleased with. A woman posted some hangers she had, way too many hangers, she needed someone to have them!  I have lost 130 lbs recently and have many clothes to hang, so we made a trade.  I gave her a few items for the hangers and got to choose five movies from her DVD collection.  What was interesting was what was valuable to me (hangers) was what she wanted to get rid of.  Everyone wins, except dollarama where I didn’t spend my money on new hangers!  I am okay with dollarama not winning!

So, as part of my blogging, I am doing a 2017 Jenn Trades Stuff segment!  It is pretty simple.  We start today with…a….QUARTER!~  Yes one 25 cent piece.  I then trade (up?) for the quarter, trade that item for something and so on and so forth.  I keep trading until the end of January where I can then keep what I have and start over or I can keep going  and see how large and far I can take it!

I will update every Tuesday with pictures of all the items!  It is not about the items (thought I really like stuff), it is about the story behind the items!  Will it be crap, a treasure, or somewhere in between?  Tune in to find out!

Taking my quarter out with me tomorrow, can’t wait!

Also floss!

Read more about my 2017 writings here!  Buckle in kiddos, it’s going to be a fun year for this old comedian!

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