Jenn Moves Her Body: STOP SHAMING!

Another magical holiday season has come and gone and now we enter the season of shame.  Everyone is already asking “what is your resolutions????”  Everyone has their own, but the common ones are: eat less, exercise more, smoke less, spend less money, and my personal favourite, more sex! (Already smashing the last one!)

Everyone is free to make their own resolutions, what irks me is that advertisers try to come to the rescue to shame you, specifically anything related to weight loss.   Too much fat?  Join our gym!  No time to cook, Join our diet club?  Already perfect?  Shut up no you aren’t no one is so BUY OUR PRODUCT!

It gets overwhelming, so I wanted to tell everyone out to do what they want in their own time!  The mental part of weight loss is just as important!  You don’t need to join beach body out of shame, your body is already beach ready!  You don’t need a 21 day fix, a 31 day “life will change i promise” program.  What you need is to make your needs and desires clear and then search for what works for you, and in consultation with your doctor/health practitioner.  The weight loss industry is a BILLION dollar industry!  With that much money, you’d think we were all in perfect shape right now!  They prey on us at this time of the year.  Many do actually want us to get healthy, but many are just a money grab, so make your own mind up, do what YOU want to do and NEVER let anyone shame you!

I have no health related resolutions this year.  Last year at this time I weighed 400 pounds, and now I weigh 230. I had gastric bypass surgery and have worked hard since then to get healthy.  I get excited by the numbers and by the new clothes, but the only true numbers that matter are the numbers that now say I am not diabetic anymore, and the numbers that tell me I have perfect blood  pressure.  These numbers matter to me more than anything else, so this year I am going to keep working at it, but loving ME for ME and NOT letting anyone shame me is really the key to my success.

This month I am working out at my gym ($1o a month at Planet Fitness, now this is money well spent!) and doing my own squat challenge!  Basically I do squats until I swear every day and then walk around asking my husband to feel how firm my ass is.  Feel free to join!

Remember I am blogging five days a week in 2017, so tune in daily to never miss a post!

Also floss!

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