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If you have followed me for years, you will know what an amazing transitional year 2017 will be.  If you are new to my writing and work, strap in, because it’s going to be one heck of a year!

This year my goal to live fully off of my writing profits is in near reach.  Therefore I am ramping up my writing on this site to almost daily!  Grand ambitions much?  Yes, but if I can lose 130 pounds (so far) and achieve so much in the face of great challenges, then getting on here and writing will  be fully doable.  Are you as excited as I am?  Probably not, but keep reading and I’ll tell you why you s should be too!

My writings (okay and vlogs let’s be honest some days require face to face discussions) are as follows:

Sunday:  Jenn Cooks Stuff.  Okay this should really be Jenn Eats Stuff as my husband and kids do more of the cooking, but it really is about the meal plan.  I scour pinterest and the internet for new and fun recipes.  I look for everything; paleo, low G.I., vegetarian, full of meat and international foods.  Subscriptions are available if you want to cook along side us!  I am not a dietitian, nutritionist or even a cook, but I am a comedian who has lost weight and have found that people are fully interested in what we are eating, so join in, cook along and let us know what you think!

Monday:  Jenn Moves Her Body.  This is also subtitled “Journey to the 10km: as I have ambitions to run the 10KM in May in Ottawa.  I will discuss the ups and downs of exercising, doing monthly challenges, and being 100% open, honest and of course, funny in my commentary!

Tuesday:  Jenn Trades Stuff.  Part of my journey is also minimizing expenses. This goes with being a poor writer! I have become obsessed with the idea of trading and bartering as currency.  I am going to start with a quarter and see how far we can get each month with the quarter.  Join in, try to manage your own trades and let’s give the poor kids making our clothes and toys in third world countries a small break while we trade stuff that we already have!

Wednesday:  Jenn Reviews Stuff.  People enjoy giving things to me and having me review them. I am honest with them that I have to be honest with you, and they are okay with it. I will be reviewing movies, sex toys, food and everything in between.  Weeks where I do not have a product given to me are weeks I will review whatever the heck I want!

Thursday:  Jenn Does Stuff. This is quite clearly my favourite day to write! Jenn Does Stuff is my flagship program where I work with local businesses and do Facebook Live and other video segments of me using their products or experiencing their services.  Jenn Does Stuff is different than reviews as they are paid advertisements. I am up front about that.  This is using my comedy and personality as a marketing tool for local businesses.  They are there for you entertainment and to learn more about local businesses in Ottawa!

Friday:  Jenn Says Stuff.  Comedy, politics, feminism, and more, Friday is my day to speak my mind!  Whether thoughts on external life or sharing my deepest (and hilarious) fears, Jenn Says Stuff will give you a very large view of Jenn Hayward (me).

I may add stuff on the weekend, but that is when I will be working so diligently on my book from Abby Hagyard Publisher called “It Doesn’t Suck”.

Thank you for joining me on the journey of 2017!  Tell you friends, share my work and of course, always floss.





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