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Linda LeGroulx
Linda LeGroulx

Unless you are a recovering alcoholic or a child, you should be happy to learn about Wine Kitz Ottawa Iris! I spent a day with owner Linda LeGroulx, and I learned a lot while ensuring much testing of the product!

Her store is flawlessly clean, and you enter to the delightful smell of wine! You see, they not only sell wine kits, they also make wine for those who don’t want to do the work! This works out to 1/3 of the cost of wine in the stores. Hang on, I don’t have to do any work AND it is 1/3 of the cost?? Why isn’t everyone doing this??

Upon research, there seems to be an old fashioned mentality that wine in the stores are a higher quality. Linda assures us this is not true. She is even able to match any wine from the store to a kit for her to make. Some may take longer and then sit on a shelf for a year and some may take a shorter time to make and can be drunk right away. In short, Linda and her team KNOW wine. This is not the old Moonshine our parents used to make. It is professional wine makers and sommeliers who are able to best advise you to ensure all your wine drinking needs are met!

My portion of the day was spent bottling wine Linda had created for Ottawa superstar Catherine Landry! Ms. Landry does amazing things for women and children in our community and Linda wanted to create a wine suited just for her, down to a custom label! This part I found quite intriguing; you can create your own custom labels, which makes this an EXCELLENT holiday or corporate gift. You can make a $30 bottle of wine for only $10 each and get 30 gifts with custom labels to showcase you and your brand. What a great idea!

I bottled the wine and found it to be quite easy. They can do the bottling for you, but you have to be present as per the law. Then you take it home and drink it or let it sit and do whatever wine does. Okay I am not an expert, but apparently some wines need to sit for awhile to get better. The point is, it gets bottled and taken home and you enjoy amazing wine of equal value to wine at the store, at 1/3 of the cost. It is the definition of win-win!

I encourage you to give Linda a shout at Wine Kitz Ottawa Iris at 613.828.8845 and enjoy the video below!

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JENN DOES STUFF: bottling wine with Wine Kitz Ottawa Iris Linda LeGroulx

Posted by Jenn Hayward on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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