Donald Trump and Simba



There has been a lot of action in the world this past week.  Donald Trump was elected president. This caused riots and protests. As a feminist and progressive human, I too was distraught and upset that a man who thinks it is okay to grab a woman’s pussy without asking is going to be the leader of the United States of America.   I was distraught, sad, angry, but not once did I think or protesting the results of a democratic election.  I understand why they are doing it, but I am not sure I fully agree.  I am certain there will be MANY protest opportunities in the next four years.  In fact, he has been quite graceful about his win; however, his supporters have been a wee bit less than graceful.

While distraught on what I see as a huge setback for women, I am reminded of a prophetic tale of a little lion cub who changed the world.  Remember little Simba on the Lion King?  Remember how an evil dictator killed his dad and stole his kingdom? Remember how he didn’t just run out and protest?  No, Simba took time, developed a plan and implemented it.  Well he did have help, and fell in love in the process, but the point is, if Simba can do it, so too can those who want to eradicate rape culture, racism and extreme poverty.

That wasn’t as inspiring as I thought it would be.  The point is, let’s try to work progressively.  I truly believe an opportunity can come from every negative experience.  Not that it makes the negative experience okay, but at least we can learn and grow.  So let’s freaking learn and stop infighting lefties.  Yes some white women don’t get it.  Yes some men don’t get it.  The question is not how we hammer them over the head to continue alienating them, but how do we bring them in and help them understand the plight of the oppressed?  I have zero answers but feel we have been asking the wrong questions.

So for her, today, all I suggest is we listen to the following songs, keep motivated and let’s start planning because while I am sure Trump will screw this up for himself, I am pretty sure we should still be ready to beat him in four years.  Listen to these songs, stay positive and for the love of god, also floss.


  1. Fight Song

2. Sing


3. Faith


5.  Finally Mr. Simba!



Keep the faith and let’s work hard to keep social progress on the forefront!





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