Who Has the Power?

When I was a kid, there was once source of power in our family. This source of power was worth fighting over. Not just verbal fights, my brother’s and I would physically fight for the power. We knew to stand up for what we believe in. Alas, my brother would usually win the power, which was our television remote. He who holds the remote had the power to watch whatever he wanted.

As an adult, power means so much more. Today at “feminist camp” we discussed power structures, including internal power, external power, oppressive power, and positive power. Those weren’t all the terms but I am tired and don’t want to look them up.

My first challenge was getting Snap’s song The Power out of my head, so you can join me by listening to them here:

Okay, are you down doing the “roger rabbit” dance?  Now we can get down to business. I have an inner power to get through the struggles in my life, both actual and the problems that stem from the pesky borderline brain. I have recently harnessed this power to continue working hard in my life goals including weight loss.  I do have “the power”.  I do not have the power in overall life; Canada Revenue Agency and my bank does, but I hold the power of attitude. How I respond to those who have the power can make a huge difference to my mental state. I have even come to the realization that if the worst happens and we ended up losing our house, I would still be okay. Power, we have it.

Of course we were talking power in feminist discourse and I have lots to say about that, but not today. Today I want to keep talking about me. This past weekend I struggled with the concept of leadership. If you had asked me before I came here, I would jump and say that I am a leader, duh!  A natural leader! I am also bossy and domineering at times, but as long as I get what I want that’s okay right?  I started doubting my leadership in general though; I don’t have an organization anymore. I don’t have anyone to lead but my kids, so how can I be a leader with no one to lead? I was like the proverbial tree in the forest falling down.

After class yesterday though, I had more clarity. I would not have hesitated to say I am an influencer. I write this blog, people read it, and become potentially inspired by it.  Also potentially annoyed, but that also influences your day. I talk about issues real to me and thus am leading small changes in people who follow me.  This is leadership.  I didn’t think that before yesterday; I would have thought leadership is more structured than that; that leadership needs to be formalized, or at least have an organization structure to it.

I do not want to lead an organization. I in fact, want to use my skills as a leader and influencer to showcase other women leaders. Yesterday confirmed I am on the right track. I still have six weeks to go, and the launch of www.shesthechange.com will be great, and with each day I have clarity that this is what I am mean to do.  I will be a global change leader, but I will do this by showing what other women are doing in their communities. I will use my voice and  my writing to lead, and help build community members up.

I have the power to influence change and will use it.  How will you use your power to help others?  That’s my question of the day.

Also floss.

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