Today was a fun day here at Coady Global Leaders Change program.  I woke up to exercise at 6:00 a.m. and this was after working about last night at 8:00 p.m.  I think that qualifies me as an athlete right?

Today was all about exploring leadership and my personality style. It was a self awareness day, which I LOVE because I am one self-aware lady.  I have my therapist to thank for that!  I was going to ROCK this!  I KNOW myself and will be awesome!  Humble too!  Self awareness here I come, and a little bit of manic thought and actions too, but wait until the end for that!

We started with Johari Window, where we explore our known and hidden selves.  I won’t lie, there is not much people don’t know about me.  Assuming they follow my comedy and social media of course.  It was a good exercise to remind myself that I may know my faults, but I may not know that I am exhibiting them.  I may know I am a controlling person, but I may not know in the moment that this characteristic is coming out.  So yay, people will get to call me on my stuff while here.  This is actually good, my husband will be happy with accountability!  My  new nun friend ensures I keep my flirting with young college guys to a minimum!

We then moved to Gregoric Model of personality.  It helps you assess yourself in terms of your concrete vs abstract thought and your sequential vs random thought.  I am certain I have done this in my past before and it was a little more balanced than it was now.  There is no right or wrong answer, but to get a ZERO in one area was a little unnerving.  It turns out I have ZERO  Concrete Sequential Traits.  Not a one.  This means I do not like order, logic, facts and do not require a structured environment. In fact an environment like that can be counter productive for me.  Anyone shocked that I didn’t last in the federal government?

I scored a medium amount on abstract sequential, which is basically my need to be right all the time and how much I dislike working with people who don’t like me or have differing views.  No shock there.

That left Abstract Random and Concrete Random both OFF THE CHARTS.  Equally.  It is hard to do reports, re-doing anything once done (hello, spot a few grammar errors on my blog?  well now you know that I don’t like to edit!)  I have trouble under dictatorships (again think federal government) and am not so good with keeping detailed records (ask Judith Cane my money coach).

While I knew these types of things about myself, seeing it just so clear that I am an artist was refreshing.  That’s what I got out of this; I work best in an environment that let’s me do my thing, let’s me be creative and let’s me be myself.  This is not new, but affirming.  It also makes me an interesting leader, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s blog.

I have known for a long time that to be truly happy I have to find a way to make an actual living on my creative ideas in a way that ties in social justice.  I may end up back in the government for a bit or a non profit to pay the bills, but long term, plans must be made.  Entrepreneurship is where I need to lead.  Social enterprise is where I need to help my community.

I wondered when I came to this program what my future held.  What is a business and what is a side project in my life?  This seven weeks was (and still is) a great experience to do some self exploration and we feel the Creator has my back here.  This past Sunday I had a spark of an idea.  It has flourished into a full on business plan.  Being me and random, I have already purchased the web domain and started planning.  I won’t say what it is right now, but I got manic today.  When manic I could do some real damage to self or relationships.  Today though I worked and I worked hard.  I wrote and wrote and wrote, I did my homework for class and I set up a landing page for my new site.  (you can’t find out more right now, but can check it out)

By posting it on my facebook, I had four of my friends and mentors email me to ask exactly what the hell I thought I was doing starting a “project” while at class.  I explained that I think this is what I will be doing.  I am a writer.  I need to write.  I need to get paid to write.  I need to help others.  I basically feel this is a chance to do all of that.  It, in fact, may be the reason I am here.  The trouble is, they are right that I prematurely announced, but to be fair, I am OFF THE CHARTS RANDOM.  I’m spontaneous dude, so relax!

So I am thankful for my friends who care, and for this place I am in right now and yes, I went manic panic today, but the landing page was the first part, the rest is behind the scenes work on my weekends, and I am okay with that.  I just wanted the landing page up so I can obtain subscriptions while I work.  I am thankful for the reflection time today and while my methods were a bit wonky with my  mania, I am on the right path.  I am a writer.  I will still work on Gopher It as it’s really Josh’s baby and may even get a day job when back until we figure out finances, but for today, for today I am proud of myself and wish I could not shout out how excited I am about things when I am, but that’s who I am, and the good thing is I have so many kick ass people in my life to keep me accountable, even here at my program.

Cheers, today is really just all about me and how awesome I am 🙂

Also floss.