Time to Go!

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This week I had epic fun. When it’s time to go away for seven weeks, people will come out and see you at your comedy show and money goes to the wind for one day and you spoil your kids at the fair.

Let’s start with comedy.  A chance to raise a bit of money and see my friends is always a winning combination.  A group of friends from a networking group called Ladies Who Lunch, a group of friends from another networking group called World of Wonen, and a plethora of other followers on my facebook.  There were also people I did not know, which is always nice to see.  Fans?  Nah, likely dragged by their women!

Geoff Mackay and superfan Darpan Ahluwalia
Geoff Mackay and superfan Darpan Ahluwalia

It was a great show.  Headliner Geoff Mackay is always a hit.  He was so encouraged by where I was going that he reduced his fee.  The great thing about this show was how into it the women were.  Take 25 or so mom entrepreneurs and give them a night off to laugh, and LAUGH they shall!  No fuddy duddy hecklers in this group! Someone came downstairs and said he thought the audience was not a true measure of how good the night was going because they would laugh at anyone.  That is what is known as a comedy snob; the rest of us were just enjoying the ride!

I was touched to have so many come and also purchase the book.

Move on to my last day with my family.  (I just realized new readers may not know why this is all such a big idea.  I am leaving for seven weeks.  Go back and read more and catch up!)  We received two passes for rides for the Capital Fair.  Remember I have just lost 110 lbs, and before this year had not been on rides for over 20 years.

We had fun.  We won prizes.  I went on many rides.  I flew, I spun, I puked!  I forgot I am also 41 and it was 31 degrees outside.  The kids had amazing fun and I chastised a carnie for calling my daughter “cupcake”.  He said “here cupcake come play a game” and I said “she is not a cupcake, she is a young lady and should be addressed as such”.  He pointed to her shirt that said “Keep calm and eat a cupcake”.  Oh, well, okay.

Here is a picture of me on a ride.  I am having so much fun!

Jenn Hayward


I won a Froggy!

Jenn Hayward

All in all it was a perfect day.  We rested, had a great night and today I flew to Halifax. What was amazing is with my weight loss, my anxiety about flying has left me.  Being overweight and often needing two seats was demoralizing. Today I sat in my own seat and didn’t crouch my fat into anyone else’s seat.  It felt good.

I have met a few of my roommates and will blog tomorrow about that, but for today, now how loved I feel.  Know how following your dreams and your goals and having the support of a community and also your family is something I will cherish forever!

Take time to think about who supports your dreams?  Who makes your life more complete just by being in it?  Value those people and strive to be like them, because good people make the world a better place.

Also Floss.





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