A local business owner, Pierrette Raymond, told me that once you let go of the clutter in your life, you make room for new things to enter.  She was talking about actual clutter and because she’s also a personal development coach, I think she also meant emotionally.  When she said this I thought, “what a hippie!” but was found to be very, very wrong.

I met this lovely lady through a business network.  I performed comedy at event she hosted and was maybe a bit more crass than we both originally thought.  She was pleasant about it and I was thrilled to see her at many other events.  She is a lady of integrity.  A lady who gives back to the community, and a lady who demonstrates class and style.  She is what I like to call “the total package”.

As you may know, I have lost 110 pounds since April 7th, 2016. That is letting go of clutter.  I also took the challenge to get rid of physical clutter in our lives.  Let’s back track.  If you have read my book, Jesus Loves a Crazy Horny Feminist you know that in 2010 I had quite the little breakdown.  Two weeks in patient and eight weeks out patient programming.  During this very low time, we let the house get a bit unruly.  With three high needs kids, two dogs and one overwhelmed husband, having an organized house just didn’t seem to be the number one priority.

When I started losing my weight and thought of Pierrette’s proverb on clutter, I decided to give her a call and see what help I could receive.  She came in, did a full assessment of our house and life with no judgement.  Now it’s not like we lived in squalor or anything, but it’s amazing now long you can go without fixing something and get used to ruined stuff.  Case in point is this couch.

Our Crappy Couch

Between my two sons wrestling and my two dogs wrestling, it has some wear and tear.  There are only three spots you can sit without falling through to the ground.  We determined it would go.  She was very handy in finding us an affordable (okay in our case free) replacement.  As part of her charity work she will help charities find furniture that is still fully usable but just needs a cleaning etc.  We were thrilled!

First she had a team of three women come into our house. They started organizing our kids rooms and our kitchen.  This is where I started thinking about our emotional connection to our environment. We had to go through each item to see if it was “toss it”, “keep it” or “donate it”.  It turns out we didn’t have much that was “donatable”.  Even charities wouldn’t want our crap!

While in the kitchen I started crying.  It was overwhelming, seeing all our stuff going.  We had over 200 cookie cutters.  “But…but..maybe I want to bake!!”  (we had not baked in five years)  So they went.  Many items from my small appliance graveyard went as well.  RIP once used waffle maker. The stuff, it left and we kept what we needed or had actual sentimental value to us.  For example a culturally designed serving platter given to me by my past employer.  The only reason I don’t use it is because we never entertain, also because of the cluttery house.

On and on it went, these hard working women, with compassion, helped us downsize to the things we needed.  They helped us organize what we did have so it was manageable. No longer will we use the “sockie bin” (a bin of mismatched socks that we still use because, who cares about looking good).  No longer will we have every John Grisham Novel in duplicate.  No longer will we have my  husband’s pez collection.  (KIDDING, that he will sell..well maybe, he’s pretty attached to candy)

At the end of the day her other staff came with their big truck and took it all away.  They were nice and ever professional.  It has been a few weeks and she is right. Once I let go of all this “stuff” I started to feel better.  Her philosophy holds true in all situations. I let go of physical stuff and great opportunities started coming. I let go of “cluttered friendships” and started meeting the most fabulous women. I let go of my weight and I started to get self-esteem.  I was always sexy as a large lady, but not healthy and that is where my esteem comes from now.

I was and am very happy to have had this experience. I thought I was just getting rid of crap in my house, but as it turns out, I was starting to create a standard of living for myself and my family that will help us be more open to what the universe has to offer.  Crap does that mean I am a hippe now too??

So hope you can all come for dinner, because we are ready to entertain!