Look Ma I’m Running!

Feeling thankful to Liquid Gym for sponsoring my Journey to the 10km. I had my orientation by an Essentrics teacher, Amanda Sterczyk. I still do not know what Essentrics is, but let’s save that for a future blog. My orientation included learning to walk on a treadmill that is under water. Wait, what? Under water? How on earth do I not get electrocuted, was pretty much my first question!
Apparently they use hydraulics (not hydroponics, that’s much more relaxing) to motor the machines. I do not know what hydraulics are, stop asking sciency questions! Let’s just say I trusted Amanda when she said I would not die.
It works pretty much like a treadmill, except it is in water, so it is easy on the bones and joints for the elderly and, well me. Actually they also train athletes, it’s a pretty sweet system, but right now I am more comfortable in the beginner level, just me and ladies who broke their hips last week, and they are all fabulous!
She had me also walk sideways and backwards, and taught me to do pushups. I have to say, for exercise, it doesn’t suck. It’s actually quite enjoyable. They have jets as well to add more resistance, and mine was tilted too low to start and it was REALLY enjoyable, but it’s not that kind of journey so I pointed it back up at my tummy area. I walked for twenty minutes and it didn’t feel like a workout, but the next day I was tight in the legs, the feeling that I had, (gasp) exercised!!!!!
I am doing this, 10km in a year, and it all started with me walking on water! Keep checking back to this page (or just subscribe and save the time) for my journey and thank you again to Liquid Gym for the fun, many more stories and fun to be had!
If you wish to sponsor any part of Jenn’s Journey to the 10km, just drop me a line, as I am open to anything right now, new experiences that will aid me on my journey towards health and, well, running 10KM (what the heck was I thinking??)

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