Journey to the 10KM

I am going to run 10 km in the 2017 Ottawa Marathon Race Day. Yep. Me. Jenn Hayward. A Tubby 41 year old and I am going to run 10KM. At one time. How does something like this happen?

On April 7th, 2016 I received gastric bypass surgery. Mostly because I was fat and unhealthy, but also because I enjoy wearing the hospital gowns. Glorious hospital gowns that barely cover my ample behind. But again, mostly because I was/am fat. Fast forward three months and I am 75 lbs lighter. This has been hard work, not just the last three months but t

he two years of getting ready for surgery, changing my lifestyle, seeing an eating disorder specialist etc. etc. I worked hard and am feeling great thus far. Much more weight to go.

Jenn Hayward Weight Loss Comedy

A few weeks ago, after the 2016 Marathon, I made a general comment that I should run the 10km in 2017. I added “how hard can it be?” People started commenting how inspiring I was. Well crap, I usually go for funny, not inspiring. I figure they’d all forget about it in a year and didn’t think about it again. Nope, two days later a facebook friend said she negotiated a sponsorship from Liquid Gym for a year to help me get ready for my 10km. Um, yeh. About that……but I did what I have done for awhile and said “okay”, and am taking life’s challenge. Not only am I losing weight, I am getting healthy enough to run (I am sure I may walk part of it) a 10km race in 2017.

This year is about an overall transition As I lose weight, and get healthier, I note new things are happening I want to live with less clutter, be more organized, pay my taxes; real grown up things. My Journey to the 10km is more than running and losing weight. It is about the journey of this coming year It is about my water running, my de-cluttering, about me trying new things. It is about living life to it’s fullest and I look forward to the

journey, to growing, learning and laughing. I thank Liquid Gym and 1-800-Got-Junk, my two starting sponsors for the opportunity for this journey.

I hope to see you all along the way; bookmark this page to follow.

Should you wish to sponsor a product or service that will add to the journey please use

the contact form and pitch me your idea. I am always up for new opportunities and for the fun ahead and will blog about it all!

jenn haywardJenn Hayward

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